Hats for summer rain

Handmade in the UK

We are a family business selling rain hats that are designed and handmade in the UK, providing you with beautifully crafted waterproof hats that are a joy to wear throughout the seasons. Look super stylish in the city as well as in the countryside, from everyday to special days with the added benefit of knowing that you'll be kept dry if it rains

Keep Dry & Look Stylish

Women's Rain Hats

British made unique and stylish hats that are also waterproof

Packable Rain Hats

Carry in your bag or pocket ready for unexpected summer showers

Baker Boy Caps

Waterproof baker boy caps can an be worn year round, come rain or shine

Best Sellers

Sun Hats - Handmade in the UK

All packable

Meet our Milliners

We are proud and privileged to sell the finest rain hats and sun hats from the best of British milliners. In a world that is changing dramatically with British craftsmanship dying out, we are delighted to be able to play a small part in promoting British millinery

The Rain Hat Journal

Best Packable Sun Hats

Best Packable Sun Hats

Best British made packable sun hats. Protect yourself from the sun & look chic
10 Best Waterproof Rain Hats

10 Best Waterproof Rain Hats

We are specialists in waterproof hats for women. Our top 10 best rain hats
Exclusively British Made

Exclusively British Made

Meet the milliners who design & make our hats. Super creative & talented